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Officely allows your team to see who is in the office each day and book in alongside them. All in Slack.

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Citymapper  use Officely for Hybrid Work

End the chaos.
Make managing your hybrid team a breeze.

The old way

Using a spreadsheet

Most companies either use a spreadsheet or a standalone app to manage who is in the office. The result? No one uses it.

  • Your employees don't use it

  • Anyone can alter the schedule, impacting contact tracing

  • It's a lot of manual work

The new way

Everything in Slack

Whether your employees want to book a desk, a parking space or complete their health survey. It's all done in Slack. No new software. No new logins.

  • Your employees will actually use it

  • Strict admin controls

  • Completely automated

How Officely makes the entire process painless.

Set up your office in less than 5-minutes.
It's that simple.

Once you click the Add to Slack button you'll be guided through an onboarding process to create your office and invite your team.

See who is in the office and join them.
All in Slack.

Your team can book into the office, in one click, directly in Slack. No need to download another app or remember another password.

Keep your team safe.
All in Slack.

Send health surveys, check vaccine certificates, contact trace and restrict the capacity of your office.

More than desk booking.
Officely is a social network for your office.

See who is in the office

Encourage collaboration

Encourage collaboration in your office by broadcasting who is in tomorrow to a particular #channel in Slack.

Plan events in the office

Rebuild company culture

We've all been apart for so long. Create events to get everyone back to together.

Officely is all you need to run a safe hybrid workspace

Book into the office

Are your employees arriving to the office without booking in? Reserve a desk in just one click in Slack.

See who is in the office

If you can't see when your team is in the office, you can't collaborate. Quickly see when your team are in the office, from within Slack.

Keep your team safe

It's your responsibility to ensure no infected employees enter the office. Officely sends a customisable health survey to each employee before they enter the office.

Contact tracing

If an employee tests positive, quickly see who they were in the office with.

Make scheduling a breeze

With automated scheduling, employees and teams can skip the admin and be automatically booked into the office each week.

Plan for the future

Discover how your office is being used with our office insights.


Divide your office into neighbourhoods so that your employees can book specific areas.

Increase collaboration

Broadcast in Slack who is going into the office each day to encourage other employees to book in alongside.

Built for teams, just like yours

Loved by over 1,800 organizations. From startups to listed companies.

"Officely helped us create a safe hybrid return to work for our team. It’s so simple for our team members to get access to the office and it really assists us with keeping them safe."
Ruby Bryant, People and Culture, IE
"If you use Slack and are adopting hybrid work, you have to use Officely. The app is pretty genius, easy to onboard with support team available to help within minutes."
Tanya Goldberg, Human State
Human State use Officely for Hybrid Work

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Every office manager, HR leader and CEO are all asking the same questions. How do I reopen our office safely and make hybrid work, work for us?

Join our community to share ideas and learn about hybrid work.

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