Manage your office all from Slack

Don’t add another platform for desk booking. Add Officely to your Slack workspace.

Replace your manual process with Officely in Slack

The old way

Using Spreadsheet

Ditch the clunky way you’re booking desks. It’s hard to maintain and employees aren’t using it.

No one wants to learn another tool

Onboarding and managing access is hard

It’s a lot of manual work to maintain

The new way

All inside Slack

See who’s in the office, reserve a space, and start an Office Chat all in Slack. No new tools. No new logins.

Your team will actually use it

Onboarding and access controls are already done

Completely automated

Don’t add another tool. Add Officely to your Slack workspace.

Set up your office in less than 5-minutes

Add working spaces, customize capacity, and floor maps.

Invite team members inside your workspace

Add your team to Officely through their existing Slack accounts.

Officely helps tidy up your #office slack channel

Team members see who is in the office each day and can book in alongside them.