Reopen your office and keep your employees safe.
All within Slack.

Officely keeps your team safe with desk booking, capacity management, contact tracing and health surveys.

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Capacity management

Restrict numbers in your office. To ensure physical distancing.
In order to ensure your office doesn't become overcrowded, you need to restrict the number of people in the office each day.
book into the office
book into the office

Health screening

Send daily health surveys to ensure your team aren't at risk.
You need to send daily health surveys to ensure infected individuals aren't coming into the office. Officely offers customisable surveys that are sent through Slack. If anyone is deemed at risk, you'll be alerted straight away.

Contact tracing

Quickly trace potential infections
If one of your employees tests positive for COVID-19 you need to quickly alert others that were in the office on the same day.
book into the office
book into the office

Desk booking

Allow your employees to reserve a space in the office
Employees need to know their is desk available before they travel. Officely allows employees to reserve a space up to 8 weeks in advance.

Office analytics

Monitor how many people are in the office each day
Manage your workforce by being able to see which are the most popular days and who is in most and least frequently.
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