Simple, fair pricing.

We only ever charge for your employees that use Officely to book into the office.

This means you can invite your whole company but only those who use the office will be charged.


Perfect to test Officely amongst a small group

Allow up to 10 employees back to the office per day
Desk booking
Team Scheduling
Contact tracing
Health Screening
Floor plans
Capacity Management
Integrated into Slack
Daily office broadcast
Invite guests
Slack status integration
Add to Slack
Get Your Website


When you are ready to invite your wider team
USD per office based employee, per month*
All features in the free plan, plus:
Unlimited number of employees
Unlimited number of offices
Google Calendar Integration
Office Analytics
Automatic scheduling
Admin booking
Month to month contract
Add to Slack
Get Your Website
* we only charge for the employees that are returning to the office. If an employee chooses to continue working from home, they won't be charged.
Learn more about our fair billing policy, here.


How long does it take to set up?

The whole set up process takes around 2 minutes.

Do you offer support?

Yes we offer 24/7 chat based support.

Do you store personal data?

The only personal data we store is the name and email address of the employee. All other employee's data is stored against their non-identifiable Slack ID. We are GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Can Officely read our Slack messages?

No. Officely cannot read messages sent in your Slack workspace. The only messages we can read are those sent directly to Officely.

How does your free plan work?

Officely is completely free to use for up to 10 employees in the office each day. As soon as you have more than 10 employees in the office, you'll need to upgrade to our paid plan.

How are office based employees calculated?

We only charge for office based employees. At the end of each month we look back and count how many of your employees booked into the office. For example, if you have 100 employees but only 50 use the office. We will only charge you for 50.

Do my employees get alerted when I install Officely?

No, your employees won't be notified about Officely until you invite them.