Why we are never going back to the office 5-days-a-week

Max Shepherd-Cross
November 27, 2020

We passionately believe that hybrid work is the future. We're never going back to the office 5-days-a-week. The reason we are so confident about that is, counterintuitively, this decision is not in the hands of the companies, it's the hands of the employees.

We've all got used to the working autonomy that COVID brought. Not just being able to work where is most productive for us. But also being able to carve out time for the little things like taking the kids to school, having lunch with your family, walking the dog, not sitting in traffic every day!

Unsurprisingly, employees are refusing to go back to the old ways and we're already seeing employees quit and move to companies with more flexibility if they are forced to do so. In fact, a study by Ipsos has found that over a third of employees (40% in the UK) would rather quit than go back in 5-days-a-week. Further to this, a McKinsey study has found that only 10% of executives are considering making their teams go back in 5-days-a-week.

So if businesses are interested in attracting and retaining talented employees, this decision has already been made for them.